After 30 years we began to witness subtle changes of facial aging. The most common changes are mainly characterized by the loss of elasticity and skin turgor, decreased fat layer of the face, more pronounced presence of nasolabial folds or wrinkles around the lips and the appearance of pockets of fat in the eyelids lower level of neck sagging, drooping tail of the eyebrow, etc.. All these changes become increasingly accompanied by marked increase in number and depth of wrinkles, loss of volume of facial bones, which alter the height and projection of the same, decreased tension in the muscles of the face or SMAS, drooping nasal tip and chin, ear elongation, presence of cracks in the upper lip.
The Lifting Face Lift or Rhytidectomy is also called facial surgery is a procedure that allows us to return to its original position suspending the tissues of the face and neck. The objectives of this procedure are smooth lines and wrinkles, giving a more youthful face and repositioning suspending the facial musculature is elongated or stretched skin and removing excess or others that are displayed in the face as flabby or wrinkled.

This surgery involves incisions before and behind the ears, which are well camouflaged and often not very visible through them proceeds to lift and suspend the superficial muscles of the face or SMAS superficial musculoaponeurotic system, with extremely strong thread placing these muscles to their original position. The skin over the cheeks and neck is stretched and cut, suturing thread into the skin, which means that sutures are not visible.

In many cases these this procedure is accompanied by liposuction and lift the chin or upper eyelid surgery and lower. If we want a more complete result can add fills to the level of nasolabial folds and lips that can be made with hyaluronic acid.

For the surgery to be performed all laboratory tests and cardiac evaluation for suspected patients must be healthy.

This procedure may be ambulatory, or may not need more than 1 day of hospitalization, anesthesia and sedation may be local, duration of surgery varies from 2 to 4 hours.

This procedure must be done in clinic or hospital, this remains the appropriate security level and reduce surgical risks. The patient can go home and follow the directions of relative rest and take medication to prevent pain and inflammation .

The result will be a person from 8 to 10 years younger.


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