The breasts or breasts for women are important part of their femininity, are areas of the body that cause attraction for its beauty and form. Hence, the importance of the aesthetic result you expect every woman of her surgeon.

We must note that the breasts are composed of fatty tissue, fat and mammary gland, turgidity or hardness, volume or size and shape will depend on age, race, number of pregnancies.
Small breasts are very common and more and more women feel the need to reaffirm their femininity measures to increase their breast or just want to look better. There is no ideal size, will depend on the culture, fashion and most importantly what the patient really wants, she has the last word, though there are some parameters to be considered as the height or size, the texture of the person, this is part of the advice offered by the plastic surgeon.

The surest method to increase breast size is with the placement of silicone implants, these implants are of many types, but those that prevail in the market and are better quality silicone gel, cohesive and textured, feel very natural and are best integrated into the body.

Breast implants can be placed subglandular or below the gland and submuscular or below the pectoralis major. This is decided by the surgeon and is related to the amount of fat and breast tissue that holds the patient. If there is little breast tissue and fat is optimal submuscular implant placement, with that make them less noticeable the edges of the implant and therefore are much more natural. If there is an acceptable amount of breast tissue and fatty subglandulares them will have a natural and excellent. In either case sensitivity in infancy and should not be altered.

The implants can be placed in different ways: One of the most common is the periareolar inferior, that is just between the change in color of the areola and the skin, usually imperceptible, we also submammary especially when the areolas are very small and will place large implants, the incision is hidden in the submammary. There is also the axillary or cord, but the first two mentioned are the best results occur in either the sutures inside the words we are not going to see points on the wound.

For this surgery to be performed all laboratory tests, cardiac evaluation, and patients must be healthy for granted.

This procedure is ambulatory, meaning that you do not need days of hospitalization, but it must be done in clinic or hospital, this remains the appropriate security level and reduce surgical risks, the regional or epidural anesthesia and the duration of the surgery is approximately 1 hour.

The patient then two hours after surgery can go home and follow the directions of relative rest and taking medication to prevent pain and inflamation.

The augmentative mammoplasty or breast implants is a routine surgery and usually after 3 days the patient can return to work, with breasts I wanted.


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