Mastopexy or breast lift surgery

The breasts or breasts for women are important part of their femininity, are areas of the body that cause attraction for its beauty and form. Hence, the importance of the aesthetic result you expect every woman of her surgeon.

We must remember that breasts are made up of fatty tissue, fat and mammary gland, turgidity or hardness, volume or size and shape will depend on age, race, number of pregnancies. The increasing age usually causes loss of elasticity of the skin of the breast and therefore becomes looser or falls. Also significant changes occur due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and lactation, without ignoring the force of gravity. This occurs in women with large breasts and small, with loss of turgor of the breast, they tend to sag and lose its shape, the nipple-areola complex is lower than normal or looking down.

Mastopexy can be performed by means of two procedures in cases of small breasts that are falling can be lifted only with silicone implants, so you get two results in a single surgery, increasing the size of a breast while small lift. If you want to know more details of this surgery see MAMMOPLASTY INCREASE OR INCREASE BREAST.

In the case of large, sagging breasts, mastopexy is performed which consists in removing the excess skin or more, the repositioning of the nipple-areola complex at the proper height, and reshaping the breast arming them with a conical shape with internal fixation sutures. In some cases they can breast implants to improve shape and maintain the desired size. The incisions are made at the level of the areola, a small vertical, and in the submammary.

For the surgery to be performed all laboratory tests and cardiac evaluation for suspected patients must be healthy.

This procedure must be done in clinic or hospital, this remains the appropriate security level and reduce surgical risks, preferably with 1 day of hospitalization, general or epidural anesthesia is high and the duration of surgery is approximately 2 to 4 hours.

The patient can go home and follow the directions of relative rest and take medication to prevent pain and inflammation.

Mastopexy or breast lift surgery is a lot of detail and care, the patient usually requires 5 to 7 days of care, then it can return to work, her breasts she wanted.


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